our sites & services


We have a range of sites and services for people to look at and use. For example, our Website is a Site but can also be classed as a Service because it has information on it that people may want to read and find intresting. An example of a service we offer is our Tech page because we are bringing you a page with information about Tech, news and more.


Before the big move to hartleyproductions.uk, we had a whole host of websites which are now out of action. The reasons for this it because it is easier to have tech and music news under one roof. It's better for us and for you. 


The main websie for everything from Hartley Productions. You can find out about us, but the main reason why we're here is because we want to provide you with the latest tech and music news - and that's exactly what we are doing right now! Tech and music is the main event here. Go on, go and look at the latest and stop reading this, because we all know it's what you want to do!


You can also follow us on Twitter with @Hart_Pro_Tweets for all the latest.