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Apple has admitted there is a fault with the touchscreen on iPhone X

Apple has admitted there is a fault with the touchscreen on iPhone X

It has appeared that on some iPhone X handsets, the touchscreen does not respond, or that the screen will sometimes respond even when the device has not been touch.

Apple is offering free iPhone X screen repairs to fix the issue.

Although iPhone X has released in November last year, it has already been discontinued, back in September this year, as the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max takes its place. You cannot buy iPhone X on Apple's website. Instead, you can only purchase the device from 'authorised resellers'.

Apple have said that the issue could happen due to a 'component that might fail in the display module'.

If you've already paid to have this issue resolved before the free replacement programme was announced, Apple have said that you're able to request a refund, as long as you have proof of purchase.

This is the first repair programme that Apple has announced for the iPhone X handset.

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