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Spotify free accounts now work on Google Home and Google Home Mini

You can now link your Spotify free account to Google Home and Google Home Mini

Google Home and Google Home Mini already support Spotify Premium accounts, but the good news for users with Spotify Free accounts, is that they are now supported on both the Google Home and Google Home Mini range.

The Google Home and Google Home Mini are smart speakers by popular search engine, Google.

Google Home now also supports other music streaming services, including: Now, SoindCloud and Deezer.

You can ask Google Home to play an artist, an album or a song of your choice. When you request these, it will start a station of songs (just like it does in-app, because it's a Spotify Free account). And just like on your mobile in the Spotify app, when you ask Google Home to play a playlist, it will play the songs on the playlist in Shuffle Mode.

Rival smart-speaker, Alexa, by Amazon, are still yet to support Spotify Free accounts in the platform. To use Spotify on Alexa, you have to add a Spotify Premium account. We hope that Amazon will support Free accounts in the future.

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