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We could be waiting a long time for the iPhone 8

You might want to add iPhone 8 to your Wish List as it may not be arriving for a while

Rumours suggest that we could be waiting til 2018 for the iPhone 7 to hit the world. Normally, Apple releases and "S" upgrade to its latest huge, flagship phone, like the iPhone 6, for example. We might be getting a "S" version of the iPhone 7.

Happy Birthday, iPhone

Get the cake out: iPhone turns 10 this year! Does this mean that we'll be getting an anniversary upgraded or a special device? There could be one...

The first iPhone was released on 29th June 2007.

We'll have more info on iPhone 8 when we get it. For now, why not follow us on social media and keep checking back on hartleyproductions.uk for more tech news and music.

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