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Music Streaming Services - What's the Latest?

There are many music streaming services and websites, but what's going on with them right now?

Spotify, Sound Cloud, Deezer and Amazon Music, are just a few music streaming services out there and today, we're kust talking about a few of them.

Swedish service, Spotify, still remains the most popular service with a massive 100 million monthly listeners. Most of these listeners, however, just use the free option with advert breaks. These users cannot download playlists to listen to offline.

As well as the free listeners, Spotify has 30 million subscribers who pay a montly fee. These users are able to download playlists to listen to offline, have no adverts and can play songs on non-shuffle mode.


Amazon, the online store, has a brand new music streaming service too. It's called Amazon Prime Music and it put together with the delivery service, as well as its on-demand video service: Amazon Instant Video.

Deezer is a French music streaming service - available in the UK, US and elsewhere. It has 15 million monthly listeners and over 6 million users who pay a monthly fee. As well as this, they say they have around 40 million tracks and songs, compared to the 30 million which Spotify has.

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