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We just wanted to let you know that you might be having issues vieiwing pages, information and news posts on the mobile version of the website. We've noticed this when we have been upgrading it. The mobile version of the site is something that we are always trying to change because we're having issues with it, and we know you are too. 

Everyone is changing the way there're getting news, and that's the reason why we're letting you know you might be having issues when viewing hartleyproductions.uk via a mobile device. 

For now, we are switching off the mobile version of our site. This means you will now be seeing the desktop version of our website when viewing on a mobile device. We understand this isn't ideal and we are working on fixing the mobile version as you are reading this mesage.

the brand new home of Radio55

Following the recent re-brand of Radio55, they've got a brand new home - right here on hartleyproducttions.uk. Radio55 is bigger & better than ever before. Radio55's new home allows you to get more involved in the Shows as now you can listen & chat without leaving the Website! There is also information on each of the Shows, as well as a "Show Planner" so you'll never miss a beat from the Radio55 Team! Click here for Radio55.