We are a comapny which likes all things tech! We try our best to bring the latest news and more...


Hartley Productions started up in 2011 as a very small company, a basic website was launched with very little information on. There wasn't much content on their at all.


Towards the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 we launched a new website called NewsTime. This would provide the latest news, waether and more. Then, in 2012 the London Olympics came to London so we added a page onto the NewsTime Website about London 2012, we posted regular updates on what was happening.  


In 2013, we posted a few updates on our old Hartley Productions site. We then went quiet because we had plans to expand the site, add more content and try to do more then we did. We had plans on giving our website a fresh look and feel.


In Augest 2014, we launched 'The Awesome Update'. This was the start of giving our site a new look and feel. We posted news and updates on how it was going, By doing this our other main goal was to also go social so more people knew what websites and services we offer.


A few mothes after 'The Awesome Update' ended in September, 26, we had made a massive move to change websites and start all over again, so we did! And you're now on our new site. We posted a massage on our old site saying that we've moved and posted a link to our new site.


Because 2014 is/was a big year for us, we didn't stop and kept on bringing new ideas, and still do to this day.


We've also launched our very own Radio station called Radio55 which plays the biggest & best tunes around and, we hope it'll grow in the future.


As was said at the start, we're a comapny passionate about everything Tech and always will be!