our new design: feedback

Throughout June and some of July 2016, we've been updating the website with a fresh new design. We sshave spent time doing this because we wanted a fresh take on things. 

The main reason was to make the site more inviting for everyone, including you. At HartleyProductions.uk, we understand you love reading up about the latest tech and music news and information - and that's exactly what we bring you. 

Now we need your help. We're asking if you could take some time to answer the following questions. By answering these, you're helping us improve and make better a service that has been running since 2012. The comments and answers you provide mean that we're able to make the changes that you put to us. 

The questions are about the new design of the website, hartleyproductions.uk overall as a website, the content we provide and, lastly, our social pages. (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.) 

Feel free to answer the questions anonymously, but you can fill out your details in the spaces provided if you wish to. We also kindly ask if you could provide us with an Email address. This is so we can contact you (if we need to), about the answers and information you have provided.

Click here to answer the questions. 

Please note: we will NOT pass on your answers and information to any third parties what-so-ever. Your privacy is important to us.